FAQ & Issues

“In-built styles are missing their fonts”

Solution: When you first install the plugin it comes with no fonts pre-packaged. Opening the style should show you a notification on bottom right corner asking if you want to download the font. To download all the missing fonts at once you can use the Fonts Manager Panel.

“How do I escape the syntax’s reserved characters []()<>

Solution: You can use a Backslash to escape the Expressive Text notation — e.g if you want to literally display [](Hello World)”, you’ll need to write it as \[](Hello World)

“How do I enter a specific Unicode character”

Solution: You can either copy and paste it from any other place like a website, or if you know which specific unicode code to use, you can insert it inline using the following syntax:
where “CODE” is replaced by the 4 hex digits representing the unicode character.

“Getting a cook failure due to missing fonts”

Solution: you should be able to open the culprit style assets, remove the Font Property and save the asset to stop it from generating errors.
Downloading the missing font using the Fonts Manager Panel will also fix this issue.