Gathering Text

All expressive text you write can be localized. Executing the โ€œGather Assetsโ€ command in the Localization Dashboard will retrieve all the text owned by Expressive Text Assets, Widgets and Actors. You can then use your desired localization tool to modify the desired string for each culture youโ€™re targeting.
Expressive text translation example - English to Italian
Expressive text translation example - English to Italian
Previewing the Italian localization result

Gather Options

This is highly dependant on the way youโ€™re structuring your project, but for most cases you want to make sure โ€œGather from Packagesโ€ is ticked and also set the โ€œIncludePathWildcardsโ€ to ensure all your assets are correctly covered (this includes any maps with ExpressiveTextActors).
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Moving Tags

Translators are free to move tags around if they so wish to โ€” this can be necessary since different languages will have different grammatical rules and might be structured differently.
Hereโ€™s a very simple example on localizing SpiderMan to Italian while keeping โ€œSpiderโ€ in red and โ€œManโ€ in blue:
notion image
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With great power comes great responsibility: allowing tags to be moved in translations greatly increases the possibility for bugs to occur on certain languages if there are
Expressive Text Syntax
There is currently no way to preview the translated text while youโ€™re editing it in the translation tools.