Expressive Text Syntax

The Syntax

Expressive Text uses a simple syntax to markup the parts of your text you want to customize:
notion image
Tags — delimited by the tokens []this is where you specify the styles you want to apply to your text or even single property changes (like font size).
Content — delimited by the tokens ()it’s the actual text you want to be output and affected by the aforementioned tags.

Using multiple Tags

You can write multiple tags by separating each one with a comma — e.g. [tag1, tag2, tag3]
Tags to the right have higher priority than the ones before, meaning they may overwrite parameters set by the ones to the left — this is an important mechanism since it allows you to mix & match multiple styles, and the result will be dictated by the displayed order.
Take a look at
and get to know the different types of tags that are supported

Tagging across multiple lines

Currently the []() syntax is restricted to markup text within the same line. To affect text spanning multiple lines we suggest creating a custom style and applying it to the entire text by plugging it into the Default Style field. We do have plans to add more appropriate syntax to attribute tags to multi-lined blocks of texts.